How to Impress an Escort

monica6 Wednesday, 12 June, 2019

Hiring an escort to accompany you is a great way to start your trip in Malaysia. Most escorts are happy to meet new people and at the same time clients also look forward to meeting them and impressing them. Impressing a KL hotel escort is not that of a big deal if you think about it and there are several ways to do that. Obviously, as they say the first impression is the best impression, so you need to put in a little effort to make your first impression the best. Not everything can be bought with money and if you want to have a fabulous time with an escort, you do need to make a good impression.

Most clients that we meet have complete intentions of making a first good impression with an escort but they often fail because they are shy or an introvert or are nervous. The escorts are really smart and they can see you through and make you feel comfortable under all circumstances. However, if you want to be a natural, we will give you some tips on how to break this ice and make the best impression upon the escort that you hire.


  • The gift of the gab: regardless to say, well-spoken clients do get brownie points with the escorts that they hire from the word ‘go’. Every relationship including a platonic one starts with good communication. For a client, offering pleasantries, smiling at them and being cordial goes a long way and right up to the bed.  Asense of humour helps a great deal here and if she can laugh at your nonsensical jokes then you have clearly broken the ice.
  • Good dressing sense: There must be some reason for you to hire an escort service and it might be a party, a date or just sex. Dress for the occasion and do not overdo it at the same time. Let the escort be your guide when she meets you at your doorstep for that big occasion to attend. We are sure that she will have valuable inputs for your dressing style. Be suave and neat because escorts like such men. Escorts have a tendency to size up men according to their dressing style.
  • Be a conversationalist: When you have pleasant conversations and intelligent ones with the escort she will love it and gain more respect for you. Sadly, many men think that escorts are to be used while they are some of the most intelligent people who are well-read and can hold good with conversations. Do not go overboard; instead stay on the same page that your escort partner is on. An escort working with a Malaysia escort service once said that all the client did was talk and talk and she got bored. So do not go down that lane and learn how to draw a line.
  • Show your confidence: The best way to do this is by looking her in the eye while you are talking to her. Confidence is a quality that women escorts like to see in their clients. They like it because they know that the client is serious about their meeting and have no hidden agendas to throw a nasty surprise at them. Your relationship with an escort is going to last for a few hours, so the onus is upon you to make her feel comfortable. The more comfortable she is, you can expect to have a better time with her.
  • A smile goes a furlong: A pleasant smile on your first meeting with the escort can go a long way. Regardless of whether she is going to oblige you or not, your gentle smile can get her attracted to you. Remember that an escort always has the freedom to say ‘No’ to you. No matter who is smiling, a smile is contagious and gets an instantaneous response.
  • Know where she comes from: There is a queerthing about Kuala Lumpur escort girl, and know that they like to have a lot of fun. Let us tell you that these Asian girls are from a background where growing up is fun and living it up is their mantra. These are some biblical rules that they follow. They are fun to hang around with and there is no doubt about that but you as a client will also need to play by their rules if you want to have fun.

Final Words

No matter for what reason you want to hire a Kuala Lumpur escort girl, there are some clear rules to play by. Impressing these divas is a payback scheme and you will be rewarded in unimaginable ways at the end of the day. So do not be shy to approach her or strike a conversation with her. If you are looking for an escort, just contact with us and we will ensure that you find the right babe.

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